No Sweat Gel Packs

No Sweat Gel Packs to keep your products dry and chilled

Are the products you sent moisture and temperature sensitive? Then our newly developed COOLWAYS No Sweat Gel Packs are the ideal solution. Our no sweat gel pack has a non-woven outer layer reducing condensation effects of your gel packs.

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Why COOLWAYS No Sweat Gel Packs?

Customer choose COOLWAYS No Sweat Gel Packs for the following reasons:

Protect your product against moisture damage

Do you want to transport products which are sensitive to moisture and temperature? The non-woven outer layer of our absorber foil gelpacks are ideal for products to remain dry and chilled.

Reduce handling costs

With our no sweat coolants no more extra absorption material, or wrappings are needed to protect your product from moisture.

Customize your no sweat gel packs

As COOLWAYS is in charge of its own testing and production facility we offer our clients a large variety of sizes and weights. The non-woven foil can also be customized. Please contact us for your requirements.

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Our no sweat gel packs are used in the following industries

Product overview No Sweat Gel Packs

Product name Product Size (WxL) Pcs per box Boxes per pallet Pcs per pallet MOQ
GP0175BNS Gelpack 175 gram 100x140MM 84 40 3360 1 pallet
GP0200BNS Gelpack 200 gram 100x190MM 80 40 3200 1 pallet
GP0340BNS Gelpack 340 gram 150x152MM 48 40 1920 1 pallet
GP0400BNS Gelpack 400 gram 150x200MM 44 40 1760 1 pallet
GP0500BNS Gelpack 500 gram 150x200MM 32 40 1280 1 pallet
GP0680BNS Gelpack 680 gram 150x200MM 24 40 960 1 pallet
GP0800BNS Gelpack 800 gram 150x266MM 21 40 840 1 pallet
GP0907BNS Gelpack 907 gram 150x266MM 18 40 720 1 pallet
GP1000BNS Gelpack 1000 gram 150x286MM 18 40 720 1 pallet


The most frequently asked questions about our coolants
What is the quickest way to freeze no sweat coolants?

It´s essential for the freezing air to circulate in-between the no sweat coolants. We recommend you to remove the plastic wrapping material.

What is the best way to dispose of the no sweat coolants?

No Sweat gel packs can be best disposed of via the normal waste stream. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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