Ice Pack Sheets

COOLWAYS Ice Pack Sheets, for chilled transportation of your products

COOLWAYS Ice Pack Sheets are high performance coolants. They ensure the chilled transportation of your products. Our absorber ice sheets are delivered as a sheet, making it easy to store. The sheet consists of a super absorbent granulate and a water-absorbent bag. It needs to be immersed in water for about 5–10 minutes. Once the sheet has been transformed into a sheet of gel packs, it is ready to be frozen.
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Why COOLWAYS Ice Pack Sheets?

Customers choose COOLWAYS Ice Pack Sheets for the following reasons:

High-quality Ice Pack Sheets at competitive pricing

Our absorber ice pack sheets are produced according to the industry food standards.
The three layer ice pack sheet is a strong solution that can easily be separated while being frozen.

Flexible solution that perfectly covers your chilled product

COOLWAYS Ice Pack Sheets exist of multiple ice cells. Even when frozen the ice pack sheet will cover your products like a chilled blanket.

Low storage costs

Our absorber ice sheets are delivered as semi-finished product. One box of our sheets contain the equivalent to a full pallet of gel packs.


Our Ice Pack Sheets are used in the following industries

Product overview

Product name Product Size (LxW) Cells Gram Pcs per box
IPS0108BW3 Ice Pack Sheet 108gr 3×1, 3 layer 210x70mm 3×1 108 1840
IPS0216BW3 Ice Pack Sheet 216gr 3×2, 3 layer 210x140mm 3×2 216 920
IPS0432BW3 Ice Pack Sheet 432gr 3×4, 3 layer 210x280mm 3×4 432 460
IPS0864BW3 Ice Pack Sheet 864gr 6×4, 3 layer 420x280mm 6×4 864 230



COOLWAYS Ice Pack Sheets are mainly used in the following matter:


You have several options to ship products by air in a temperature controlled manner. Of these options, absorber ice sheets of COOLWAYS are proven to offer the best value for money. This is especially true as our sheets are used as an alternative to Dry Ice.

Parcel Delivery

Online business is booming and parcel delivery plays a key role in it. COOLWAYS has a large variety of solutions ensuring the proper temperature conditions. According to our customers, absorber ice sheets of COOLWAYS are key in their cold chain logistics.

Key component in a total concept

Absorber ice sheets are frequently key in a total cold chain logistic solutions. We are here to engineer your cold chain logistic solutions.

Ice Pack Sheets on a daily basis
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The most frequently asked questions about our ice sheets
Best ways to activate/ fill up your Coolways Ice Pack Sheet?

The absorption ice pack needs to be immersed in water for at least 10 minutes. Make sure the sheet is properly dried before freezing.

What is the quickest way to freeze absorber ice sheets?

It´s essential for the freezing air to circulate in-between the filled absorber ice sheets. Please note that the non-woven side should be facing upward.

What is the best way to dispose of the absorption ice packs?

Your absorption ice packs can be re-used. Should you want to dispose of your absorption ice packs please discard it in the normal waste stream.

Is it safe for the absorption ice packs of COOLWAYS to come into contact with food?

Yes, the gel and the bag are food approved.

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