Gel packs

Gel packs to ensure temperature controlled transportation

COOLWAYS Gel Packs are engineered to ensure products are transported in a temperature-controlled manner. COOLWAYS is one of the leading producers of gel ice packs in Europe.
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Why COOLWAYS gel packs?

Customers choose our gel packs for the following reasons:

Superior gel packs at competitive pricing

The production quality of COOLWAYS Gel Ice Packs meets the highest industry standards.

In-house testing and production facility

Our gel ice packs are produced in our own production facility. This allows us a large degree of flexibility, ensuring we offer you the best possible service.


We use high quality components in the production of our reusable gel ice packs.


Our gel packs are used in the following industries

Gel Packs product overview

Product name Product Size (WxL) Pcs per box Boxes per pallet Pcs per pallet MOQ
GP0175BW Gelpack 175 gram 100x140MM 84 40 3360 1 pallet
GP0200BW Gelpack 200 gram 100x190MM 80 40 3200 1 pallet
GP0340BW Gelpack 340 gram 150x152MM 48 40 1920 1 pallet
GP0400BW Gelpack 400 gram 150x200MM 44 40 1760 1 pallet
GP0500BW Gelpack 500 gram 150x200MM 32 40 1280 1 pallet
GP0680BW Gelpack 680 gram 150x200MM 24 40 960 1 pallet
GP0800BW Gelpack 800 gram 150x266MM 21 40 840 1 pallet
GP0800BW3 Gelpack 800 gram, 3 folded 275x360MM 18 40 720 1 pallet
GP0830BW3 Gelpack 830 gram, 3 folded 200x370MM 20 40 800 1 pallet
GP0907BW Gelpack 907 gram 150x266MM 18 40 720 1 pallet
GP1360BW Gelpack 1360 gram 200x270MM 12 40 480 1 pallet


COOLWAYS gel packs are mainly used in the following ways:


You have several options to ship products by air in a temperature controlled manner. Dry Ice is one way of doing so. Due to complicated handling and airline regulations more and more customers choose for gel ice packs.

Parcel Delivery

Business in the Online Food industry is booming, with parcel delivery playing a key role. COOLWAYS offers a wide variety of solutions that ensure the proper conditions. Our customers tell us that COOLWAYS Gel Packs are key in their cold chain logistics.

Key component in a total concept

In many cold chain logistic solution our COOLWAYS Gel Packs have proven to play a key role.

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Customize your gel packs


As we have our own production facility, we are able to adjust the size of the gel packs to your needs. We have different standard widths, and you can determine the length that is most appropriate for your application.
We also offer the possibility to make chain bags. Click here for more information.


Our gel packs are delivered in cardboard boxes, designed to help freezing the coolants as quickly as possible. Optionally we can deliver the coolants in returnable crates, allowing a speedier freezing process.


Our standard foil is plain white and food approved. Do you want your foil to be customized? We can help you with that.


COOLWAYS Gel has been engineered to keep your products conditioned below a certain temperature of within a certain temperature range. Our high viscosity gel is food approved.


The most frequently asked questions about our gel packs
What is the quickest way to freeze COOLWAYS Coolants?

It´s essential for the freezing air to circulate in-between the coolants. We recommend you to remove the plastic wrapping material.

How to best dispose of your COOLWAYS Gelpack?

COOLWAYS Gel Packs are reusable. In case your gel pack is damaged it can be disposed of. Most environmental friendly way is to cut the unfrozen gel pack so the gel can be removed. Add the gel to the normal waste stream. The foil can be added to the plastic waste stream.

Does the used material, foil and gel, meet the food standards?

The film and the gel we use in the gel packs, meet the most stringent demands and requirements for packaging in the food industry. This means the gel and film can be in contact with food without any health hazard.

Are you interested in our gel packs or do you have any questions?